Presentation | The Protected Retirement Process®

Phase I: Vision – What You Want

  • What is the Pyramid of Clarity?

  • What’s the problem with starting with goals first?

  • Avoid the “Assembly-Line Planning” trap.

Here attendees will learn how the Assembly-Line Planning industry starts with goals and why it could be detrimental to you, the client.  It usually means they are recommending a product BEFORE they really know you or your situation.

Phase II: Assess – What You Have

  • We take a MRI of your financial health.

  • What is the Knowledge Blind Spot and why you should be aware of it?

  • The 80% Retirement Income Myth.

Just like a medical doctor taking thorough medical information before prescribing any medications or remedies, we take thorough financial information about you and your money.  We then stress test it to see how long your money lasts before any recommendations are given.

Phase III: Strategy – What You Need

  • What are the 3 Dimensions of Wealth?

  • The difference of Fingerprints and Life Prints

  • Will your money hurt your heirs?

  • Your Legacy also has 3 Dimensions.

During this part, attendees will discover that strategy is more important than tactics.  The Assembly-Line Planning industry tries to solve problems with tactics only, and thus they become purveyor of financial products.

Phase IV: Action – Get Things Changed

  • The power of compounding can actually be your enemy if you have the wrong “compounding” effect.

  • Legal documents are not Wealth Planning.

  • You need to take action for a different result.

In this section, attendees will understand that taking action is the first step to ensuring their wealth will outlast themselves and efficiently pass to their family.