A brief history of procrast…

Don't procrastinate your retirement plan!

Dan Hagler and Granite State Retirement Planning use the protected retirement process to help high net worth individuals with wealth and estate planning and customized retirement plans.

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A GPS For Your Retirement Plan

Navigate to your retirement.

Since the late 1980s, geophysicists have been building a network of hyper-advanced Global Positioning System (GPS) instruments to monitor the Earth. Nowadays, Elon Musk and SpaceX are sending hundreds of tiny satellites into orbit. With this technology, they have discovered that the Earth’s surface is constantly moving AND changing direction. By carefully observing and recording this data, it’s possible to simulate possible future changes to the Earth’s surface. Without…

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An Artistic Retirement…

Your retirement should be as abundant as this beautiful Rembrandt painting

By analyzing each of his paintings millimeter by millimeter, and creating a height map to mimic his brush strokes, scientists have produced a painting that Rembrandt could have painted himself. With powerful data analysis and computer graphics technology, the creators actually manufactured this new, real-life “Rembrandt” portrait with a 3D printer. Would Rembrandt be happy with this? Do you think he would be impressed? …we will never know. What we do know, if the time…

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Discourage ‘Paris Hilton Syndrome’: An Easy Start to Smart Inheritance Planning.

Discourage "Paris Hilton Syndrome"

If you’re like me, the unity of your family is important! Inheritances may not be everyone’s favorite subject, but planning now will yield can greatly benefit the whole family in the future. So what does Paris Hilton have to do with it? Well, we cringe when we see what Paris Hilton and others have done with their inheritance. Think about how you would feel, if she were your granddaughter and…

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What clubs will you join during retirement?

As Groucho Marx aged, his girlfriend, Erin Fleming continued to manage his affairs. Finally, as his health worsened, his family decided that they should take Marx’s decision-making matters into their own hands. The story goes that his various family members, including his son Arthur, took to the courtrooms to wrestle decision-making control from him and his girlfriend. This continued long after his death. As he aged, he lost control….

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