Videos | The Protected Retirement Process®

Phase I: VIsion - What You Want

We will help you articulate and clearly define what you want to accomplish with your family wealth by helping you: 1. Draft a Legacy Vision Statement; 2. Detail your Wealth Priorities and 3. Outline specific Financial Goals.

Phase II: Assess - What You Have

We will organize and assess your current plan by providing: 1. A Visual Wealth Flow, a graphical portrayal of your current plan; 2. Results under your current plan; 3. Outlining critical issues identified during the testing process.

Phase III: Strategy - What You Need

We will design an integrated plan that will enable you to satisfactorily achieve the results detailed in Phase I.

Phase IV: Action - Get Things Changed

We will develop a step-by-step Action Checklist, acquire any financial products and coordinate any legal tools necessary to fully realize the benefits of your newly designed plan.