Is your money operating at highway efficiency?

Where does your car operate at peak performance?

Highway, right?

At what speed? 55 miles per hour, right?

Is your money operating at “highway efficiency?”

Some employees at a tire store in Florida made an unusual discovery in customer’s vehicle. He said there was an unusual noise coming from his engine. The employees put the car on the rack and immediately heard a crying sound.

It was a kitten.

The kitten had crawled inside an opening in the frame of the car.

They tried and tried to coax the little kitten out, but nothing worked. Eventually, they figured out where it was hiding and reached in and pulled it out. They named her Emma, and an employee kept her and gave her a good home.

That car’s engine was not running efficiently because it had a cat.

You, too, have an engine you need to be concerned with. It is one that powers your future. It is called your wealth engine.

While you are earning income, you are adding to your wealth engine.

At some point in time, your work or business paycheck stops.

That’s when your wealth engine has to produce your lifestyle paycheck for the rest of your life. It must produce a paycheck that will fuel your lifestyle for LIFE.

It is critical that your wealth engine runs on all cylinders. And is operating at highway efficiency. That’s where your car operates at peak efficiency and uses the least amount of gas.

Is your “wealth engine” running on all cylinders? And at peak efficiency?

Remember, it must power your lifestyle for your entire life. And power your legacy, if you want to pass one on.

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