The “Average” Human Lifespan Can Be Dangerous to Retirees

Have you ever heard of Jeanne Calment?

She was born in France in 1875 and lived until the ripe old age of 122 years and 164 days before dying in 1997. She met Vincent van Gogh and watched the first space shuttle launch!

What an amazing lifespan, especially considering the average life is about 82 years in France.

Could your retirement lifestyle hold up through those extra 40 years of life?

You may have been counseled to plan for retirement based on the AVERAGE human lifespan. That can get dangerous fast.

Here’s why. The concept of “average” or “normal” life expectancy literally means that HALF the people are dead by that “average” age. Therefore, it also means that half the people are still ALIVE.

For the half that live well beyond the human average, like Jeanne, it means many more years of life that your retirement monies must support. A long life is great, but it should be a good one too. Not just long.

A recent report estimated that only 1 in 2 soon-to-be retirees will have sufficient assets to last their remaining lifetime. Some Baby Boomers have decided that they will just work until they die because they don’t have a choice.

But why not choose?

They may have received the wrong advice, or maybe they didn’t plan. Maybe they were sold the wrong product.

Either way, the sooner you know, the more choices you have. Read our special report and set yourself up to exceed the average retirement lifestyle!