Unnecessary Litigation in an Overly-Litigious Society

Don’t let this happen to you:

In his autobiographical book American Sniper, former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle described a 2006 incident in which he punched out an unidentified man at a bar who was taunting him and saying that the Navy SEALS “deserve to lose a few.”

The man was basically suggesting that a few more Navy SEALS should die.

It turns out that the unidentified man was former actor, wrestler, and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura. Due to the publicizing of this scuffle, Ventura filed a defamation suit against Kyle.

Before that suit could be brought to trial, Kyle was murdered by a veteran he was trying to help. Sad story.

But Ventura would not be deterred by the death of Kyle. He made Taya Kyle, the widow of Chris Kyle and executor of his estate, the new target of his lawsuit! He ended up winning, walking away with $1.8 million.

We live in an out-of-control, overly-litigious society.

Over 40,000 lawsuits are filed every day in the U.S.

Unnecessary litigation could pose a threat to anyone, including you, your wealth and your legacy.

Attorneys try to target “deep pockets,” but you can protect yourself against frivolous lawsuits, against aggressive attorneys who use the “system” to take your money.

Find out what you can do today to insulate yourself and your money from this!

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