Everything and anything can have side effects

Soulful singer Adele sings out beautiful songs.

She can also grow facial hair, ever since she became pregnant and had a child.

That’s unexpected.

It seems that she isn’t the only one who has had unanticipated side effects due to pregnancy. Here are some other effects women have experienced as a result of pregnancy:

  • Hair can change colors, typically turning much darker.
  • Sense of smell becomes so sensitive that even going outdoors can be bothersome.
  • The mouth over-produces saliva resulting in sudden drooling.
  • Body odor increases to the point where frequent bathing and deodorant will not help.
  • Odd allergies that never existed before manifest out of nowhere.


Everything has side effects.

The same is true with financial and retirement solutions.

Despite all the “claims” to the contrary, there is nothing you can do in the financial area that doesn’t have a side effect. The legal side of planning is the same. There is no magic bullet.

Think about it like this, when one combines two or more prescriptions, what’s the biggest concern? Interactions with other prescriptions.

Do you know what side effects your current money plan is creating?

What about when you combine two or more financial tactics?

Before you make any financial decisions or add any new financial solutions, be sure you are aware of the side effects and negative interactions a new variable would cause with your current plan.

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