Cars and Money: Similar or Different?

Back in the day, when your car was making strange noises or throwing error lights on the dashboard, your mechanic simply needed a trained eye and ear to figure out the problem. Today, a mechanic needs advanced mechanical and computer training to diagnose the issue; the engines and systems have become more complex.

More often than not, your engine is now hooked up to a computer to properly diagnose and fix hidden issues. Problems can be identified much faster than before, with higher accuracy in many cases using this method.

Did you know the same can be done with your future retirement strategy?

Years ago, retirement may have been a simple savings account and a 401(k).

Now-a-days, we treat your retirement strategy similarly to a car engine- if it hasn’t been used, or stress-tested, how do you know it willwork when you need it?

Part of “stress testing” your wealth is to test your wealth-engine to determine its efficiency and expose hidden problems. Wealth friction is one hidden danger that steals your money, tricking you out of the money you worked hard to earn.

At Granite State Retirement Planning, we use the acronym T.R.I.C.K to help you understand how your money can be lost unnecessarily:

  • Taxes
  • Risk
  • Investment mix
  • Cost
  • Knowledge gaps

As you look over these, you see five areas where your money can be lost.

It’s essential that you have your wealth-engine stress tested. Let’s hook your wealth engine up and see where you might lose money… let’s get ensure your strategy will run efficiently!

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