Stay the Course, and take the best route to retirement (not the shortest)!

Each fall, monarch butterflies migrate over 2,000 miles to Central Mexico.

Interestingly, monarchs do not simply take the shortest turn to get back on course. When making course corrections, they align themselves according to what’s called a “separation point”. If a monarch begins flying off-course, it realigns itself relative to that separation point, without crossing it.

Monarch butterflies plot and re-plot their course corrections throughout their long journey, in order arrive safely at their destination.

Like the Monarch butterfly’s trip, your journey to retirement can’t be left on autopilot. It’s important to have your plan simulated regularly in order to plot course corrections due to life’s inevitable changes.

Have you plotted your course lately? Now is the best time to simulate your course, find your separation point and make any required corrections.

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