Wealth is more than finances… wait, what? HINT: it’s financial, personal AND social!

Hockey defenseman, Carl Gunnarsson renewed his contract with St. Louis. Remarkably, the contract was for less than they paid him for his last contract.

How much less? Almost $3.5 million less. And he did this without even considering signing elsewhere.

What caused Gunnarsson to stay in St. Louis?

He said he was happy to be on a team that treats him well and where he feels he will do well for a long time to come. He is happy to be invested in a team and its future, and they in him.

For Gunnarsson, it was more than just money.

It was less about salary, and more about how he felt and with whom he associated. It was about the culture of the organization!

Life is like that, isn’t it?

So is wealth. Wealth is more than just money. You agree?

Your wealth has three dimensions. A Financial Dimension, yes, as well as a Personal Dimension and a Social Dimension. The Financial Dimension is usually the first (and only) aspect most people think of when the word “wealth” comes to mind.

Sadly, this single dimension is often the only aspect dealt with when we plan for our financial future.

It’s the industry’s fault, really. Traditional financial planning begins and ends in the Financial Dimension alone!

Balance sheets. Income statements. That’s it. Nothing more.

What a shame, to ignore those other important dimensions of wealth.

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