Where will you leave your fingerprints, and what will your future legacy look like?

Fingerprints… they prove who you are… And more.

They are the identification you cannot lose. Formed before you were even born.

Did you know:

  • No two are alike. This is true even for identical twins!
  • Fingerprints are oil based, so some materials don’t retain our prints. Mirrors do a great job, but textiles do not.
  • Koala bears have fingerprints that look almost identical to human fingerprints.
  • The first legal conviction of someone based on a fingerprint in the US was in 1910

In a negative sense, fingerprints are used as evidence. To identify when someone has been somewhere, touching something they shouldn’t have touched.

On a positive note, let’s think for a moment: where do you actually want to leave your fingerprints? What identity do you want to hold in the minds of your future family and friends?

We like to call these future-minded fingerprints ‘Life Prints’.

Usually, people want to leave their Life Prints in three areas: 

  • People they care about
  • Causes that are important to them
  • Institutions that mean the most to them.

Life Prints are part of the good “evidence” that you leave behind, so that when you’re gone, it’s clear who and what you cared about.

Make sense?

It’s part of your impact.

When asked: “Did your life matter, did it count, and did you make a difference?”

Most want to be able to say a resounding, “Yes!”

It’s imperative that you know that when you are gone, your loved ones and others will remember you for the things that mattered most.

Your plan should include provisions that multiply your Life Prints on the people, causes, and institutions you care about deeply.

Ready to leave a lasting legacy? Let’s plan your Life Prints today!