What If Volunteering Was Legally Mandatory?

According to Corporation for National and Community Service, approximately 77.34 million Americans volunteered for 6.9 billion hours in 2018. The economic value of these efforts comes to a whopping 167 billion dollars, not counting the compassion, comfort and positive change these volunteers bring to their communities.

Millions more Americans are freely choosing to volunteer informally, supporting friends and family financially and doing favors for their neighbors, suggesting that the official numbers are likely higher than the official count.

Volunteers change the lives of those around them. Volunteering is certainly something everyone should consider; the potential impact can be huge and the experience is life-changing.

However, we think it should be voluntary.

Webster’s Dictionary says that a philanthropist is one who makes an active effort to promote human welfare. When you hear the word philanthropy, you may think of names like Carnegie, Kennedy, Rockefeller, and contemporary mega-wealthy people like Bill and Melinda Gates.

Such people are voluntary philanthropists. 

So what do you call someone who surrenders a portion of their income and capital gains unnecessarily?

Have an answer?

How about someone who unnecessarily surrenders a huge portion of their retirement fund to support the government?

That’s right:

An uninformed taxpayer!

We call them involuntary philanthropists.

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