Imagine your doctor treated you without a check-up, or testing!

Ever heard of a stress test? A stress test helps doctors collect information about how your heart works while you are active.

If the test shows some kind of irregularity, your doctor will develop a treatment plan consisting of medications, surgeries, exercise, diet, and additional testing.

A stress test can be the difference between a healthy life and one filled with struggle and uncertainty and doubt.

This doesn’t just pertain to your heart, but your retirement plans as well.

Have you had your money stress-tested?

We work with clients every day, stress testing their money and financial plan… They are often shocked by the results!

  • Many are unaware that the Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) for many common retirement accounts are taxed at the highest income tax rate.
  • Some may lose millions to taxes on their IRA when their spouse passes away. Many are given false impressions by other advisors that “Death Taxes” will not apply.
  • Some who have remarried, will learn that they may only receive half of their second spouse’s assets!
  • The remainder of these assets may be unevenly split, catapulting you into a battle with family.

You can’t come up with a game plan and solution until you know ALL the problems.

Imagine going to a doctor who wrote you a prescription without taking any tests! How would he help treat you?

Sadly, this happens all the time in the financial industry! Advisors recommend “solutions”, without fully testing your money. Crazy, right?

When our clients understand the results of the stress test, and any of the upcoming problems or challenges they face, it’s much easier to design a customized lifestyle and legacy plan.

The results? Your lifestyle is protected. Your spouse is taken care of and you can pass on a significant legacy to their children, headache free!

So… ready to stress test your money and wealth plan?

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