What is “OK” short for?

In 2009, BBC Magazine produced an article answering “The Greatest 101 Questions of All Time”.

A few of the questions included were:

  • Question: Can you have a fish out of water?

Answer: Yes! Some fish actually breathe air and can crawl on land.

  • Question: Does chewing gum really stay inside you for years?

Answer: Nope. Your body doesn’t digest it, but it goes through the digestive system just like anything else you swallow.

  • Question: Why do I get more carsick in the back?

Answer: Your view of the horizon is obstructed.

  • Question: What is “OK” short for?

Answer: The most popular theory is that OK comes from “oll korrect,” a deliberately misspelled writing of ‘all correct.’

Interesting trivia, yet these really aren’t the most important questions. Have you ever noticed that questions are more important than answers?

Some of the most important questions have to do with you, your family, and your financial future.

A typical financial and retirement advisor begins with answers. Savings! Stocks! Bonds!   

…these are off-the-shelf solutions.

Here’s a really important question to begin with, “If you could wave a magic wand at your money, lifestyle, and financial future, what would you wish for?”

Have you been asked this question before? What are your dreams?

We recommend you answer that dream question first, before buying or doing anything. THEN create the blueprint… then build your lifestyle and legacy plan. 

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