Preparing for future stormy markets

Hurricanes and storms devastate unprepared houses by the ocean, while others stay standing. The difference? The homes that withstand the storm are built and maintained for that purpose.

What can we learn from this? First, it’s important to realize that potential storms are always a risk. We need to prepare to keep you and your home safe, now and for the future!

Your retirement is no different. When a stormy market hits, you must be prepared with suitable protections. One way to protect an ocean-side house is to build it on four raised pillars. Similarly, we use four pillars to help you retire abundantly, prepared for the stormy weather along the way.

The 4 Pillars to Retire Abundantly are:

Pillar #1: Becoming the PERSON you want to be.

Pillar #2: Doing the THINGS you want to do.

Pillar #3: Being with the PEOPLE you want to be with.

Pillar #4: Making the DIFFERENCE you want to make.

Picture becoming the person you want to be, while doing the activities you enjoy with the people you love AND leaving a legacy. Would you call that your ideal retirement?

We think so – sounds like a dream come true!

So… what is standing between you and RETIRING ABUNDANTLY? NOW is the time to start building and preparing that house, to protect yourself from the storms and ensure a comfortable retirement that is ready for anything.

If you’re going to do ONE thing today, start by writing down a sentence that would describe the ideal in each one of the pillars.

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