I Won’t Get Sued….Most Likely

Like most people, you may think you’ll never be sued.

That’s what Great Aunt Ellen thought. She wished someone would have told her how vulnerable she was, but no one ever told her she should protect herself. She made it 92 years without being sued.

Her nephew needed a car and she was thrilled to help. She decided to be nice and lend him money to buy a car. Shortly after buying the car, he drove through a stop sign; hit another car, and the other driver landed in the hospital.

While lying in pain in the hospital bed, the injured driver typed “attorney” into a Google search and hired one. The attorney did a little digging, only to find that the nephew did not have any money. He kept digging, however, and came upon sweet little Great Aunt Ellen.

Long story short, the driver sued her, and the court ruled that she should have known her nephew was a bad driver. She lost her home and her ENTIRE savings of $932,000.

On the average, there are about 57,000 civil suits filed every single business day by lawyers out trolling for what is known as “deep pockets.” People with money, like Great Aunt Ellen. People like you and like me.

You can protect yourself though, to be sure your hard-earned wealth is protected against lawsuits.

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