Waking Up To Learn You’ve Passed Away

Imagine this happening to you:

You wake up one morning to discover that you’ve passed away. Well… not actually. Your local newspaper reports your death and runs your obituary though.

You are reading your own obituary! Weird…

This is not as rare as you may think. It’s happened several times over the years.

When Mark Twain’s cousin died, a reporter thought it was the famed writer himself. Mark Twain wrote, “The report of my death has been greatly exaggerated.”

A famous baseball player, Bill Henry, read that he had died and there was even a body to prove it! Turns out that a retired salesman had taken on his identity and convinced everyone, even his wife, that he was the retired baseball player!

Same for Alfred Nobel.

His brother had recently passed, and at least one publication got confused and announced that the inventor of dynamite had died, saying that “The Merchant of Death Is Dead.”

Alfred really hated that others saw him that way, and would remember him that way.

He spent the rest of his life making sure he would be remembered for the things that meant the most to him. He established the Nobel Peace Prize to champion what he valued most, while he was living and after he was gone.

In a way, he rewrote his obituary, his legacy!

How do you want to be remembered? Will your current wealth and retirement plan ensure that you will be remembered for what you value most?

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