Lessons from the Celtics- Will Retirement be a Buzzer-Beater?

The score was 120 to 119. The Boston Celtics versus the Milwaukee Bucks. In the last five seconds, Jayson Tatum comes running in, juking right to left, left to right, fooling the defender, then jumping and lobbing a long-shot three-pointer toward the basket…

His last-second efforts pay off! His three-pointer pushes Boston to a win over Milwaukee by just 2 points! The crowd goes wild.

With so little time left in the game, this was a last-ditch attempt to secure a victory…

Anything could have happened in those last few seconds. Boston won the game… But it was a close, scary win.

This makes for great basketball, but is this how you want your retirement planning to go?

Think about your last years of working. Do you really want to be pushing retirement age, waiting until the last few years to know if you’ve won?

Remember: you only retire once!

Life isn’t over at 65… so what are you doing to make sure your retirement dreams come true.

Don’t wait until the final buzzer!

Traditional retirement planning is giving retirees false hope.

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