Where Is 97 Percent of Wealth?

Your inheritance, if unprotected against the four wealth predators, can be lost to poor decisions…

Poor decisions can take many forms: Business. Financial. Relational. Personal.

Here are some of the worst decisions ever made:

  • Mars Candy, maker of M&Ms, didn’t see the profit of showcasing their candy in the movie E.T. Hershey jumped at the chance. Reese’s Pieces sales jumped 65 percent the month E.T was released.
  • In 1962, Dick Rowe, an executive at Decca Records, thought guitar groups were no longer popular. He passed on signing The Beatles. It’s estimated that the band earned $38.5 million by the end of the summer of 1967.

Imagine for instance, being one of the 12 publishing firms that rejected J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter!

That’s why, on the average, only 3% of wealth survives 3 generations!

Your legacy can be lost due to the bad decisions of your children and grandchildren.

Protect your legacy against bad decisions.

Even more, pass on your legacy with “incentives” for making good decisions. It’s easier than you think. 

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