Painting Your Rembrandt Retirement

With powerful data analysis and computer graphics technology, scientists have been able to recreate what they think is a painting that Rembrandt would have painted.

By analyzing each of his paintings pixel by pixel and creating a height map to mimic his brush strokes, the creators produced a new “Rembrandt” portrait with a 3D printer.

Would Rembrandt be happy? They will never know.

Without the proper plan in place, it may be left to the courts to “recreate” what they think your retirement plan should look like.

Would you be happy with that?

The time to paint your perfect “retirement picture” is while you are alive, when you have the most options.

If you could wave a magic wand and have the ideal lifestyle in retirement, what would that look like? What’s your ideal legacy?

That’s the beginning of the process of painting a picture of your Abundant Retirement. 

Next come your wealth priorities. From there, you define a set of measurable, specific, and unique goals that will define what the picture of an abundant retirement looks like FOR YOU. 

Vision. Priorities. Goals. In that order.

The time to paint your Rembrandt retirement is NOW.

Don’t let the courts paint your picture… or anyone else for that matter.

Paint the picture YOU want.

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