Should Retirement be a Miraculous Buzzer-Beater?

Remember basketball season, earlier this year? That’s right, we had one (briefly). On February 9th, The Utah Jazz played the Houston Rockets. While the Rockets were a far more talented team, they (surprisingly) stood no chance against the Jazz this game… Down two points at 1.1 seconds remaining, Bojan Bogdanovic threw a Hail Mary!

With so little time left in the game, this was a last-ditch attempt to secure a victory…


Three points and a winning basket at the buzzer. The crowd goes wild, as the Utah Jazz beat the Houston Rockets by a single point!

Anything could have happened in those last 1.1 seconds. Yes, Utah won the game… But it was a scary, harrowing win.

These circumstances make for great basketball, but let’s contextualize this to your retirement plans.

Is what you want retirement planning to look like?

Think about your last years of working. Do you really want to be pushing retirement age, waiting until the last few years to know if you’ve secured your dream retirement?

Of course not, you want to know your dream retirement will be a reality.

Don’t wait until the final buzzer of your career and throw a Hail Mary!

Ask yourself: “what am I doing now to my abundant retirement dreams come to fruition?

Traditional retirement planning can leave you looking for a game-winning miracle.

Team up with us to hone your strategy, stress-test your plan and ensure a successful long-game, well beyond your working years.

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