What will your legacy be?

“Once upon a time…” It’s a classic beginning.

What is the story of Cinderella trying to impart to the listeners?

We think it might mean “Fight for your dreams… and do so with kindness and hard work.” This is an ideal we all want our children and grandchildren to learn.

Just like money, wisdom is hard-earned.

Stories impart wisdom. And stories get passed on.

Will your story AND wisdom be passed to the next generation?

Most people who have been successful in accumulating money believe that passing down wisdom and values to those who will be following in their footsteps is one of the most important things to pass on.

If you had to choose between passing your money OR your values to the next generations, which would you choose?

Both, right?

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose. There are ways to pass down both!

Leaving your hard-earned money AND your hard-earned wisdom is what leaving a legacy is all about.

One of the best ways to pass on your wisdom and values is to design your legacy with incentive clauses.

Another is to pass on family charitable dollars.

Another is to take an all-family trip every year where you capture your favorite family stories. The ones that contain your wisdom and values.

If your wealth plan is not passing on your money and your wisdom, find out how.

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