Division and Distrust: The Best Ways to Drive Viewership

Would you say the following statement proves truth?

“I saw it on TV”

“I heard it on the radio.

Or our favorite:

“I read/saw it in the news…”

As you know, the answer is the same. These statements are all FALSE. Just because something has been distributed in the media in no way makes it a fact.


The goal of financial shows on TV is viewership, because advertisers pay for the programs you enjoy, in order to show you more commercials.

The goal of printed media is readership. And advertisers pay more for more readers, who see more printed ads.

The goal of financial radio is listenership.

Right now, the #1 way to drive viewership, readership, and listenership is creating fear and distrust.

Again, one of the primary goals of all mass-media is to sell more advertising by getting more viewers, readers and listeners.

So what does this mean when it comes to financial news and advice you’ll read?

Well, the goal of financial publications definitely isn’t greater financial security, peace of mind, or freedom for YOU. It’s to get you to stay engaged and see more ads.

Financial advice from the media. Financial advice from the Internet. Financial advice from friends and family who read something in a magazine. Even well-meaning advice can be dangerous to your financial situation…

Think about this- most people only retire once.

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