Practicing Without a License

Are You Guilty of Practicing Without a License?

There was an 18-year-old Florida man arrested for pretending to be a licensed doctor.

He opened his own office in West Palm Beach, where he performed physical exams and offered medical advice. His website identified his clinic as a staff of Alternative Medical Professionals who create holistic care plans for patients.

Maybe they were reading and studying, yet they had no rigorous training as actual doctors. No proven experience. No tested expertise.

Would you hire them, knowing that?

You would be gambling with your health.

How about this: would you hire an employee who didn’t have training, experience or expertise in your field or industry? Of course not.

And yet, some people try to be their own financial advisor. They read books, watch TV and believe what they read on the internet. Perhaps they get opinions from their friends and family.

No rigorous training. No proven experience. No tested expertise.

They are gambling with your financial health and future.

Your financial future deserves the very best. Rigorous training. Proven experience. Tested expertise.

The cost of missing something like that is huge.

The cost could be devastating.

Find out today whether you are making any of the biggest and rarely known retirement mistakes.

Don’t simply retire, retire abundantly!