Just one degree off

An interesting fact about flying: if you fly off course just one degree, you will miss your target landing spot by 92 feet for every mile you fly. The longer you fly, the more off course.

If you tried to fly from the east to west coast in the United States and started out just one degree to the north or south, you would land 257,600 feet off course – that’s almost 50 miles!

The farther the distance and the longer you travel, the farther away you land from your intended target.

If you were flying on a plane from New York to LA, one degree would put you out in the Pacific Ocean.

That single degree could mean the difference between a great vacation and having to use your seat as a floatation device.

Not a good plan… yet many folks are unknowingly doing this with their retirement plan.

Worse, with a head-in-the-sand mentality, they are unwilling to plot their present course to see where it will land them.

Want to know where you will end up? Have your present course plotted over time. See if you like where you will land. If not, plot a new course.

Albert Einstein was asked what man’s greatest invention was.

He didn’t reply with “the wheel” or “the lever”. He said, “compound interest.” With compound interest, you can multiply your money. The longer you go, the more you can make.

The same idea is true if you’re making mistakes with your money, your lifestyle, and your future. The longer you go without correction, the more it can cost you.

Bad choices can compound, so make your course correction today! Please fill out the form below: