Ever run from a literal bear?

5 facts you will want to know about stress…


We all experience it. Even reading the word increases stress.

When you feel it, your adrenal glands go to work to produce more stress hormones that prepare your body for emergency action – fight or flight. Ready to run from a grizzly bear.

But usually we aren’t running from a literal bear. At least not a physical bear.

Rather, we are dealing with modern bears. Relationships, financial worries, work issues, time constraints, and more.

Some stress is good. Too much is not so good. Here are 5 interesting facts you might want to know (don’t stress out though):

  • Stress can make you gain weight
  • Stress can kill brain cells
  • Stress is linked to all six leading causes of death
  • Stress alters your blood sugar
  • Women are generally better at dealing with stress

“Oh, great,” you might say. Stressing about stress.

In a recent study of 1,200 elderly people, the participants were asked what their biggest regret was in life. Many stated, “I wish I hadn’t worried so much.”

From the vantage point of late life, the study showed that if people had the chance, they would love to be able to regain all the lost time they spent fretting anxiously about the future.

Stress is an obstacle to retiring abundantly. It robs us of joy.

Having the right plan in place and updating it regularly will significantly reduce your stress about the future.

Not sure if you are on the right path?

Get your plan stress-tested.

Our testing process unveils unknown pitfalls and gaps in your current plan.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. And… it’s the clear path to less stress.