Stuck In A Traditional Box

Many third world countries live in relative darkness.

Fixing this would entail building homes with windows and getting electricity to these remote areas. The problems with such ideas are endless, from heavy costs to lack of proper infrastructure needed for electricity.

Rather than looking at the problem from the traditional standpoint, Alfredo Moser figured out a way to provide cheap and sustainable lighting via what he called the Moser Lamp. All that was needed was a 2-liter plastic bottle, water, and bleach.

The bottle is filled with water (and bleach to prevent algae growth) and fitted into a hole in the roof of a home. The sun shines on the part of the bottle that is outside and refracts the light to the inside of the home—and each bottle acts like a 60-watt bulb.

A different level of thinking. Thinking outside the “traditional box.”

Einstein said, “The same level of thinking that got you into the problem is never the same level of thinking to get you out.”

Are your money, lifestyle, retirement and legacy stuck in the “traditional box?”

The road to an abundant retirement lifestyle often starts with a mindset shift: openness to new ideas.

You may wonder if there is anything else you can do to:

  1. Increase your income,
  2. Reduce your taxes, and/or
  3. Bring greater security to your situation.


Find out today!