It’s True! I Read it On The Internet!

Would you say the following statement is true or false?

“If it’s online, it must be true…”

Or how about these statements?

“If it’s on TV, it must be true?”

“In a magazine?”


As you know, the answer is the same. Those statements are FALSE.

Why is that?

The goal of financial shows on TV is viewership, because advertisers pay for more viewers.

The goal of printed financial media is readership. Advertisers pay more for more readers.

The goal of financial radio is listenership – once again, advertisers demand listeners!

The #1 way to drive viewership, readership, and listenership is creating fear and distrust.

The goal of mass media is not greater financial security, peace of mind, or freedom for YOU. 

Many think the goal is to show you how to enjoy a better lifestyle. This is FALSE.

The goal of this media is to sell more advertising by getting more viewers, readers and listeners.

Advice from the media. Advice from the Internet. Advice from friends and family. Unfortunately, even well-meaning advice can be dangerous. This certainly applies to financial advice.

Some people poll their friends and family. People who are well meaning, for sure, but haven’t been trained in creating wealth creation and preservation plans.

You only retire once.

Do you have enough confidence in your present retirement plan to get a second opinion?

We are not driven by advertisers. Get a custom-designed plan from someone who has successfully shown hundreds how to preserve, protect, and pass on their wealth so that you can retire abundantly. 

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