What If Volunteering Was Legally Mandatory?

According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, almost 78 MILLION Americans volunteered for 6.9 BILLION hours in 2018. The economic value of these efforts comes to a whopping 167 billion dollars. That’s more than $2000 generated per volunteer! Of course, these numbers can’t account for the compassion, comfort and positive change these volunteers bring to their communities… these numbers are much lower than a true, official count, because all that kindness can’t really be measured!

Volunteering is similar to philanthropy. You may think of names like Carnegie, Kennedy, Rockefeller, or Bill and Melinda Gates… Webster’s Dictionary defines a philanthropist as “one who makes an active effort to promote human welfare”. Philanthropists voluntarily use their wealth to help fellow humans. They are giving up a portion of their income and capital in an organized, voluntary fashion.

We’re all for volunteering and philanthropy… but what about do we call someone who unnecessarily volunteers to give away a portion of their retirement fund?

An uninformed taxpayer!

Put another way, you could call some taxes “involuntary philanthropy”.

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